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    End your struggles of selling a house
    with Sapphire Investment Group.
    Sell your house fast!
    We eliminate the chances of real
    estate selling problems and are
    your best buying solution
    “I want to sell my home for cash”

    Why US?

    We buy your house just the way it is! No need of waiting for repairs and no need to worry about saving extra budget for renovation.

    No worries about paying big money and sharing your valuable time with a real estate agent. We save you all the labor, bringing you the extraordinary customer service.

    Our speedy closing allows our clients to get their cash amount as soon as possible, without any delay.

    Now sell your house with only three simple steps:

    Now sell your house with only three simple steps


    Sapphire Investment Group Free Consultation: Our dedicated consultants will suggest you the best deals in the real estate market.


    Cash Offer: we provide our clients a no obligation cash offer!


    Fast Closing: We believe in time management and respect client’s valuable time. Close the deal and get your money!

    We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

    Sapphire Investment Group buys homes for cash. By purchasing with cash, we eliminate the stress, repair costs and uncertainty of selling your home.

    We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

    We enable our home owners to put more money in their pockets by saving you money in three ways:

    • We buy ‘As Is’

    This eliminates the need to spend money making repairs on a house to prepare it for sale.

    • We eliminate the middle man

    No need to pay agent commissions to sell your home. Sell it direct to us and put that commission money back in your pocket.

    • We close quickly

    Our lightening fast closings, allow our homeowners to get their money fast, instead of waiting a month or more for a buyer to get a loan from a bank. The quicker you close the sooner you alleviate that next mortgage payment.

    Sell Your House In 3 Simple Steps

    You’re in the Driver’s Seat
    The process to sell your home fast for cash has never been easier

    Sapphire Investment Group Free Consultation

    Tell us about your house during a FREE consultation;

    Cash Offer

    Get a FAIR, NO OBLIGATION cash offer;

    Fast Closing

    Meet us at the closing table and COLLECT your cash!

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