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  • September 29

    The Perils Of Probate



    When a property owner dies, then the people inheriting the property—even a spouse—must often deal with the time consuming and costly process of probate.

    Probate is a court-supervised proceeding. It is done to make sure a will is authentic, and to approve the executor for the estate. The probate process locates all the deceased’s assets, then determines value and taxes. After this process, the residual value of the estate is distributed to heirs.

    It gets trickier if there’s no will. Without a will, the court takes over the process of handling the estate and determining how it will be dispersed. This can take a long time, and if there is property involved, it can be distressing to the heirs and create a situation where the property can degrade. If the property was run down before, probate can make the situation worse if it stretches out.

    That’s where Sapphire Investment group can help. We can give you options for handling properties in probate that can be acceptable to the courts and deliver fair value, without the family having to deal with cleanout or repairs. We can even refer you to good probate attorneys, who can help you determine the best path forward.

    This allows you to focus on the legal aspects of the probate process and the distribution of other assets.

    To learn more, schedule a free consultation with Sapphire Investment Group. We’ll explain how we can help you get a fast cash offer for your property and show you how you can manage the probate process so it resolves quickly.

    This can take burden off of you and the court system, and it may result in your getting more value for the property rather than handing cleaning and repairs, plus taxes and court costs.

    To learn more, click here to get started.

    About the author 

    Amy Tippins

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