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  • Probate Services

    We understand the sensitivity of the Probate phase. No matter from what field of life, we will assist you with finding the best real estate solutions.


    Sapphire Investment Group’s probate services can help you through the probate process. Our goal is to try our best to make it stress free and convenient for you. Our real estate professionals, on the other hand, can walk you through your real estate options and present solutions based on your stated goal. If requested, we can also assist you in informing other beneficiaries and relatives of the options. If necessary, we can even assist you in locating a probate attorney.

    Do You Have To Dispose Of The Property Fast?

    Our specialty is real estate, and this is where we truly shine. We will work with you to identify the various disposal options for any probate property or land. We will help you decide on a course of action and work closely with you to execute the plan after we have worked with you to identify the options and your objectives for the disposition of the property.

    We can also buy the property for cash quickly, with no need for repairs or cleaning. This option is necessary to provide ongoing support to the surviving spouse or other relatives. The proceeds of a cash sale can be used for:

    • Relocate a surviving spouse;
    • Settle outstanding debts; or
    • Get financial resources to heirs and beneficiaries quickly.

    Our real estate specialists can make cash offers on almost any property within 24 hours and close quickly, putting money in the hands of loved ones. Obviously, timelines can be impacted by the legal probate process, which is beyond our control, but we strive to keep delays to a minimum.

    Do you need to maximize the selling price?

    We can also assist here. We can assist you in preparing your property for sale, matching you with an agent if necessary, and assisting in the advertising process to help you get the best sale price for your property. Unfortunately, many estate properties require upkeep and repairs. Typically, this deferred maintenance is the result of the late homeowner’s illness, or the property could not be maintained for a variety of other reasons.

    Our service will assist you in making only the repairs required to sell the property in a competitive market. Our advice works to reduce the mistakes that many property owners make when preparing the property, saving you money and increasing your profit margin.

    We work with Probate Lawyers, too!

    We will collaborate closely with you and keep lines of communication open to ensure that all of your client’s real estate needs (from clean-out and repairs to closing) are met with minimal hassle. We will allow you to focus on the legal aspects of the probate process and the distribution of other assets by helping you out and saving your mental labor.

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