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  • September 29

    Investing In Distressed Properties: Why It Makes Sense Now



    Sapphire Investment Group helps property owners by providing cash payments and quick closings. This is because the owners find a quick sale beneficial in their circumstances.

    And while cash for property for many people is a welcome solution, it doesn’t mean many of these properties don’t have the potential for more value. In fact, many properties, with some investement and time, can yield substantial return.

    That’s the other part of our business. Sapphire Investment Group works to match real estate investors with properties that can be good longer-term investments. We do much of the work needed to thorougly evaluate a property–valuation, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and we can help investors quickly develop plans for investment and both short- and long-term profit.

    Sapphire Investment Group offers three opportunities for real estate investors.

    • Wholesale properties.  This can be one of the best options for short-term opportunities, especially in a hot real estate market like many regions are experiencing now.
    • Debt investments (private lending).  Private lending can be an effective path for many struggling properties, by providing property owners options that they would not otherwise have.
    • Partnering with us on deals. We create partnerships with investors on a routine basis, providing ways for you to quickly become involved with good opportunities without having to develop an organization or operations needed to managing the properties until they can be sold.

    To learn more about how Sapphire Investment Group works with an investor, contact us today. We’ll give you examples of how we’ve helped investors succeed in the past, learn more about your investment goals, and explore ways where we can work together.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible value for everyone who chooses Sapphire Investment Group, whether it’s an owner who needs a good value for a property, or an investor looking for a good opportunity.

    About the author 

    Amy Tippins

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